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Our family started the farm back in 1986 after purchasing part of the oldest blueberry farm in California - Green Valley which planted the first blueberries in California in 1940. We started with blueberries and over the years expanded to include other berries. For 30 years, we've been dedicated to growing flavorful berries everyone can enjoy. Sabina and Tarcicio Vigil, mom and dad, put all their efforts into making the farm the best berry farm in the North Bay. We believe in clean agricultural practices and became a California Certified Organic Farmer early on. We also sell conventionally grown berries. Each family member is active in contributing to our success - from deciding which berries to plant to selling directly to our customers at local farmers markets in Northern California. It's truly a family owned and run farm!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Berry Time!

Berries are ripening very nicely.  This week we've had a lot of varieties but a few berries are going start winding down.  If you see a berry you like, get them now and enjoy.  Call us a 2 or 3 days ahead to place an order.

  • Ollalie blackberries very limited.  
  • Boysenberry past the half way point of the season
  • Loganberry past the half way point of the season
  • Marion blackberries - coming in strong and make great jam
  • Blueberry - sweet and crunchy.  the small blues won't be here long so don't wait to long if you want to buy for freezing
  • Red Raspberry - starting to come back into season
  • Black Raspberry - very limited this year 

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